The Construction Phase

Once the Final Investment Decision (FID) is undertaken, the pipeline detail design, procurement and construction will start and last for about 36 months.

The construction will comprise of:

1. Construction of the Pipeline

Once ready, the pipeline is carefully placed in the pre-dug trench or, in some cases it will require to be bored under waterways or roads by using horizontal drilling.

2. Construction of the Temporary Facilities

Other facilities will be built such as;

  • Coating plants & Pipes storage yards
  • Construction of additional work space (Fuel, Helipad, Waste)
  • Hydrotest dams, access roads, borrow pits

3. Construction of the Marine Terminal and the Jetty

The crude oil, transported by the pipeline will be stored in the Terminal located on Chongoleani in Tanga bay, before being shipped and sold to other countries. Vessels will be thus loaded with the crude oil at a sheltered deep water site.

Key Figures



crude oil export pipeline



export flow rate barrels per day at plateau production


Over 60%

increase in FDI of Uganda & Tanzania during the construction phase


3.5 Billion

USD investment


Over 500,000

tonnes of imported equipment