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An Independent Biodiversity and Livelihoods Advisory Committee (IBLAC) has been established, and its remit covers both EACOP and the upstream projects.  The IBLAC Mandate is to advise on how best to conserve and enhance biodiversity and related aspects of community livelihoods within their areas of operation and the wider Projects area of influence within the landscape before, during, and after the Projects.

The Committee is composed of international experts from a range of worldwide organizations. These experts participate in meetings, site visits, and discussions on management of the biodiversity and livelihoods.

Each year IBLAC undertake an annual field visit, and there are monthly meetings and an annual general meeting AGM in March.  In addition, the Committee prepares an Annual report to be published externally. The Annual report is prepared for the Parties and for stakeholders, and sets out the main events and findings for the year.

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