Land Acquisition

Land will be required to construct the EACOP and related facilities. This land will be acquired on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Temporary Access to Land

  • Within an approximatively 30m wide right of way for construction.
  • For temporary above ground facilities (like construction camps).
  • Land required for temporary basis will be leased for approximately 1- 4 years and returned to owners in a fully reinstated condition.

Permanent Access to Land

  • Land required on a permanent basis for above ground installations (Pumping Stations, Pressure Reduction Stations and the Marine Storage Terminal) and for the permanent Right of Way will be acquired.
  • After construction, EACOP will need land easements along the pipeline corridor with some restrictions in safety zones.

The EACOP project is committed to:

  • Compliance with applicable national legislation and international requirements.
  • Ensuring that all landowners and users living along the pipeline corridor will be treated with respect and compensated fairly.
  • Vulnerable people identified and assisted as necessary.
  • Secure agreements with each affected household, deliver compensation and livelihood restoration programs and help households move out of the area (for those who choose in-kind compensation for resettlement, help them move into their new land).


Key Figures



crude oil export pipeline



export flow rate barrels per day at plateau production


Over 60%

increase in FDI of Uganda & Tanzania during the construction phase


3.5 Billion

USD investment


Over 500,000

tonnes of imported equipment