Corporate Social Responsibility

 The East African Crude Oil Pipeline project is willing to support communities along the route.
The project team is currently working on a CSR strategy, identifying the needs, and getting an understanding of the existing district development plans, related on-going activities and stakeholders. This phase is key to ensure the accuracy of our future CSR activities.

The projects we will support in the near future will be built on a multi-partner basis, with communities, local authorities and all relevant stakeholders invested in them.

 We pay great attention to the ownership process of these projects. Therefore, we are also keen on having a clear exit strategy for our support, right from the start: no project shall be undertaken until an acceptable plan has been found to sustain the project once our involvement is concluded. We will contribute to the community’s projects as possible support and will maintain but not replace local or national authorities in their efforts to fulfill their sovereign duties and responsibilities.

Key Figures



crude oil export pipeline



export flow rate barrels per day at plateau production


Over 60%

increase in FDI of Uganda & Tanzania during the construction phase


3.5 Billion

USD investment


Over 500,000

tonnes of imported equipment